Sunday, July 6, 2014

The "Grenade" 10 watt AM transmitter for the 40 meter band


The Grenade Project RF-section
The "Grenade" is a 10 watt AM transmitter for the 40 meter band (6955 kHz).
  It was designed, built and sold by "Radio Animal" of WKND.

The Grenade originally came built with one x-tal (6955/6950) and a dipole antenna at just under 100 dollars U.S. It is a great little radio, roughly the size of a brick, and weigh in at well under half a kilo. With a dipole cut to frequency you can cover the USA from the Rockies to the Atlantic in the evening under decent conditions. Output power roughly 15 watts when running from a 12 volt battery (That is constant carrier, it peaks in the 50 watt range) and will do close to 20 watts when powered from a regulated power supply. The limiter/compressor is really what makes the Grenade great. Makes it possible for someone with no knowledge of radio production to plug in a Walkman type tape deck and go on the air. The rig is cased is in a black steel box, with a finned aluminium heat sink covering the top. The transmitter can run continuously for 3 straight hours in hot temperatures (85+ degrees Fahrenheit) and the rig barely gets warm to the touch. Unlike ham transmitters, this one can run several hours per day with no problems and it is made so that it can handle running into mismatched or even no antenna.


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